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– About Organising Claudia-


“…I need a PA…”.

Would be my daily cry and my one wish.

As we all know, life very rarely plays out in a way where something comes along and you see it calmly through to its end before moving onto the next thing.  


Last year- like every year- I had a lot going on.


I was working more and more, whilst undertaking a full renovation of my house and plan a huge family party. I decided to supercharge my French language skills and was training to complete my first ever triathlon. Normal life, of course, continued alongside all of these things, and all in all the to-do list was getting unmanageable.


I just desperate for someone to help! Although I wasn’t in a position to hire a full-time PA, I wanted someone similar to myself to help me achieve the things I set out to do each day, regardless of how big or small. 


Knowing that my experiences couldn’t be unique, I came upon the idea that assistance; by the hour, by the task or for a dedicated amount of time each month, was the answer to my prayers.

…et voila. Good morning Organising Claudia, welcome to the world.


– About Rachel –


“How would you describe me…?”

Was a question I asked my loved ones in a series of rather insightful conversations.

My mum

A talker; a character; the one to tell you the truth when others don’t. Me in 20 years.


Her choice words for me:-


  • Loves a …’What do you think?..’ question
  • Gives confidence & direction to others
  • Has a list of lists I am sure! 


My Nan

A no-nonsense problem-solver who will stop at nothing to get the task done.  Me in 50 years.


A few pearls from her:-


  • Gives life her absolute all
  • Kick’s you up the arse when you need it
  • Makes the perfect cheese and onion pie
Rachel Fox

My Friends:

Bright, dynamic and thoughtful women working hard to get what they want. The me they keep telling me I am.


As described over endless cups of or a glass of white wine dependent on the time of day:-


  • Is always my go-to person when I don’t have a bloody clue what to do next
  • Tells the best stories; she will have you laughing even when all you want to do is cry 
  • Has energy and enthusiasm that literally knows no bounds!

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