Organising Claudia | About Organising Claudia and About Rachel
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– About Organising Claudia-


“…I need a PA…”.

Would be my daily cry and my one wish.

As we all know, life very rarely plays out in a way where something comes along and you see it calmly through to its end before moving onto the next thing.  


Last year- like every year- I had a lot going on.


I was working more and more, and planning a huge family party. I decided to supercharge my French language skills and was training to complete my first ever triathlon. Normal life, of course, continued, and the list goes on.


Although I wasn’t in a position to hire a full-time PA, I wanted someone similar to myself to help me achieve the things I set out to do each day, regardless of how big or small. 


Knowing that my experiences couldn’t be unique, I came upon the idea that assistance; by the hour, by the task or for a dedicated amount of time each month, was the answer to my prayers.

…et voila. Good morning Organising Claudia, welcome to the world.


– About Rachel –


“How would you describe me…?”

Was a question I asked my loved ones in a series of rather insightful conversations.

My mum

A talker; a character; the one to tell you the truth when others don’t. Me in 20 years.


Her choice words for me:-


  • Loves a …’What do you think?..’ question
  • Gives confidence & direction to others
  • Is an absolute list Queen


My Nan

A no-nonsense problem-solver who will stop at nothing to get the task done.  Me in 50 years.


A few pearls from her:-


  • Gives life her absolute all
  • Kick’s you up the arse when you need it
  • Makes the perfect cheese and onion pie

My Friends:

Bright, dynamic and thoughtful women working hard to get what they want. The me they keep telling me I am.


As described over endless cups of tea (read white wine):-


  • Is always my go-to person when I don’t have a bloody clue what to do next
  • Tells the best stories; she will have you laughing even when all you want to do is cry 
  • Has energy and enthusiasm that literally knows no bounds!

-Join Us –

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