Organising Claudia | Services so life admin doesn't get in the way of life
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A little assistance so life admin doesn’t get in the way of life

lifestyle services

Although being an adult means that you don’t have to justify buying a pair of shoes to anyone, it also comes with an endless list of tasks that we all know are not so fun and enjoyable. For such time-consuming day-to-day tasks, this is where by the hour or by the task assistance is an absolute godsend.


Whether you would like someone schedule your appointments, sort your personal finances or do all of the legwork that goes into planning a party, a wedding or even a holiday, Organising Claudia is here to help.



Lifestyle Services offered

  • Time and diary management
  • Running day-to-day errands
  • Sorting and managing paperwork
  • Researching and booking holidays
  • Party and event planning
  • Gift buying and wrapping

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