Organising Claudia | Services to make your home your happy place
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Services to make your home your happy place and not your second job

home organisation services

So, you have worked a full day and are in need of a glass of wine and a little sofa time. However, rather than being greeted by this fantasy as you step through your front door, you find a mountain of new tasks and to-do’s to deal with. First of all, don’t worry, we have all been there.  


Whether you want someone to get rid of old junk and unlock new space, to carefully pack up your old home and arrange its transport and set up in your new abode, or you need someone to sit down with the school calendars to organise family time, the second thing to do is call Organising Claudia.


Home Organisation Services offered

  • Decluttering services and wardrobe organisation
  • Preparing for and organising house moves
  • Managing home renovation and redecoration
  • Home styling services
  • Preparing for new additions to the family
  • Home administration and scheduling

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