Seven Sunday routines to make for an awesome week ahead
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Sunday Routines to make for an awesome week ahead- Tips and tricks of a professional organiser- Organising claudia

Seven Sunday routines to smash the week ahead

Sundays. A day of rest or a day to catch up? A day for inspiration or one filled with ‘back to school’ dread?

However you feel about them, Sundays represent the end of one week and the start of another, and so present the perfect opportunity to create some change; to turn a potentially shitty week into a fabulous one, to make an absolutely crazy week into something more manageable.

With this in mind, below are seven Sunday routines which help to make each week ahead as fabulous as it possibly can be! Whilst not particularly ground-breaking or ‘glued-to-your-seat’ riveting, they ARE effective and are a sure-fire way to wake up on a Monday morning raring to go and prepared for anything.

Now couldn’t we all do with a bit more of that! So, have a read, adopt a few and let Organising Claudia know where you get to.


1. Check your diary and plan your time

One of the main ways that you can really ensure an awesome week ahead, is to plan it properly! Knowing what you are meant to be doing, when, where and with whom, will really help you to feel in control of your time- even if you have to cram a lot into it. Therefore, take some time on a Sunday to check your schedule and plan for the week ahead.

Firstly, firm up any prior engagements and write down times and locations. Next, make arrangements to see friends and family, and then schedule ‘appointments’ for anything else that you would like to do during the week; tackling the never-ending cycle of admin jobs, visiting the gym etc.

This is also a good time to look further ahead. Think about what you want to achieve in the next three months, and then write down some steps that you could take in the next week to move you closer to achieving these ambitions.

As a diary queen, I do all of my planning in my diarysee post here on getting the most out of your diary– but just use whatever tool you feel most comfortable with.


2. Do some small chores

Whilst I am not advocating that you cancel bottomless brunch and spend all day cleaning the house from top to bottom, it is worthwhile to do SOME chores on a Sunday.  Think putting the bins out, doing a quick hoover, and wiping down the kitchen and bathroom. Doing some laundry, putting your clothes back in the wardrobe is also time well spent as doing these chores on a Sunday means you can start the week concentrating only on what lies ahead, rather than trying to catch up before the week has even begun. It is also much easier to unwind –and therefore recharge-in a home that is clean and tidy.


3. Undertake some meal prep

This can mean different things for different people. Going the whole hog, it could mean batch cooking and freezing all of the meals for the next week. More simply, it could be doing a food shop or planning what you will eat based on what you have in your cupboards- coming home from a busy day to find you don’t have a key ingredient is NOT the way to go.

You may do a bit of everything, or just one of these things – but the key is that you have put a little thought into what you will eat and when, therefore reducing trips to the takeaway, multiple visits to the supermarket, and time spent staring in the fridge wondering what the hell to cook.


4. Take some you time

Before we get too caught up in getting ahead, we must remember Sunday is a weekend day and therefore should never ever be ALL work work work. Take some time out to do something that you love. Whether that be going for a swim, going for a walk and a Sunday lunch, catching up with a friend or baking a cake, give yourself some time off. Allow your mind to wander, daydream and think freely.

Time spent on yourself is not time spent ‘doing nothing’. It is a vital part of your week and you should not feel guilty about doing it. You can’t tackle a crazy week with nothing in the tank, and if you don’t spend time doing things you enjoy, it is easy to wonder if all of the craziness is even worth it!


5. Sort your clothes out for the week

Stressing about what to wear in the morning or wasting half an hour running around in your bra and pants is not a good way to begin any day, so spend a few minutes on Sunday looking in your wardrobe and creating some clothing options for the week ahead (if you need more than a few minutes here it may be time to read the ‘organising your wardrobe’ blog!).

There is no need to get all of your clothes out for the week, but make sure that your chosen outfits are ready-to-wear; i.e. washed, ironed and actually in your wardrobe rather than at the r cleaners. Hang them in one side of the wardrobe and then pull out one outfit each night for the next day.

With this simple trick you will save you so much time and stress each morning, and of course be suitably dressed for any occasion- whatever that might be!


6. Pack your bags

Another Sunday routine which makes for a less stressful week ahead, is to do the adult version of ‘packing your school bag’. This could be putting your gym kit in your rucksack so that you can just pick it up on the morning you plan to visit, or packing those papers for a presentation you will give later in the week.

Like with your clothes, spend a further five minutes each evening fully packing your bag for the next day; lunch, gym clothes, that card for Sarah and that dress to return to ASOS. Small things like this really contribute to you being out of the house quick as a flash, ready to achieve what you set out to achieve and with all the things that you need to do it!

…Of course, if you have children, it is worth helping them pack for the week too; putting their school books, PE kit, swim clothes etc into corresponding bags, so in the morning they can just grab whatever bag matches the day’s activities and be on their merry way.


 7. Go to bed early

Arguably the worst way to start the week ahead is by waking up ratty as hell because you went to bed late and are tired. You are down before the week has even begun and will probably end up running around like a crazy fool feeling stressed, harassed and mad at the world…and all before 9:00am on a Monday.

Therefore- and I know it is hard- try to go to bed one hour earlier on a Sunday. Whether you go to sleep or not, it will help you wake up with enough energy to tackle whatever it is that Monday throws at you.


And there we have it, a few things to do on a Sunday to smash the week ahead.

Try it out and let me know how your week goes in the comments below. I would love to hear the difference it has made; whether achieving goals, saving time or bringing your stress down to a manageable level. And of course, if you need more than seven routines to make your week fabulous, do not hesitate to get in touch with Organising Claudia for more dedicated assistance.

Stay tuned for more tips and tricks; from planning the perfect Christmas meal to organising your paperwork.

Enjoy your week all,



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